19 years successful work at the market

professionals in our team

1000+ realized projects
300+ festival prizes
600+ made commercials
Infinitely many bright ideas
We have been partnering with AIDA Pioneer since in 2019. The general impression of working with agency: professional, comprehensive, with an understanding of the specifics of the financial and banking spheres, creative… We are grateful to colleagues from AIDA Pioneer for their work and the results that we are achieving together. We are planning to continue cooperating in other projects
S.Shnip Marketing Manager
White Square is an international marketing and advertising festival… Agency AIDA Pioneer created the identity of the festival based on the classic game «The Snake». Idea of the concept behind the snake symbolizes continuous growth and development: professionally, in business environment and in the industry as a whole… We are grateful to the AIDA Pioneer agency for their operational immersion in the project, high-quality concept development, as well as for active project management
S.Savchuck Director of LLC of business-events

We have been working with AIDA Pioneer since 2020, as part of the promotion of the WINE&SPIRITS chain of stores. We chose AIDA Pioneer based on experience, professionalism and recommendations. After almost 2 years of joint cooperation, we can confidently say: “We didn’t make a mistake!” With the last New Year's company, we took bronze at the international advertising festival "White Square”. We would like to express our gratitude to the AIDA Pioneer team for its never-ending creativity, constant professionalism and willingness to hear the client

Savitsky V.N. General director.

… We would like to thank you very much for your professionalism and attentive attitude. Your company has established itself as a reliable partner, acting responsibly and professionally in solving tasks. The professionalism of your employees, their enthusiasm and attention to the needs of the customer are the key to creating a successful and high-quality product...

Shkutko M.N., brand manager.

… We would like to thank the AIDA Pioneer team for deep immersion in projects, responsibility and creative approach. At each stage of the work were agreed with our management and all our wishes as a customer were taken into account. We are grateful to the team for working together and are pleased to continue our cooperation”.

Zheltenko E.N., Deputy marketing director

OJSC "Savushkin Product "expresses gratitude to the staff of Aida Pioneer Group for its good faith partnership. During our cooperation, the agency demonstrated professionalism, a high degree of involvement in processes, creativity and customer orientation. “Savushkin Product” recommends AIDA Pioneer Group as a reliable partner.

Badykina Y.A. Marketing director.
… In the process of collaboration, AIDA Pioneer has shown itself not only as a creative professional who is ready to work with the most complex products, but also as a partner who can be trusted. For our company, the readiness of the AIDA Pioneer team to work in conditions convenient to the customer was of greatest value, we are very grateful for this. We wish you a successful development and look forward to further cooperation
Pakhuta V.V. Deputy development director
The AIDA Pioneer Agency was selected on a competitive basis among 5 leading agencies in Belarus for expertise, professionalism and an extraordinary approach to creativity. Communication with the agency is always operational and clear, the work of a well-coordinated team is visible, results are quickly agreed upon at all levels even in such a large enterprise with a complex organizational structure as “Ceramin
Margarita Platonova-Raduk Marketer

We started working with AIDA Pioneer in 2020, when our company decided to change the focus of the site from professional market participants to individuals. It was necessary to develop a new creative strategy that will help to attract the attention of apartment owners and place their property on the Realt.by. The agency developed a cool concept that got into our target audience. And this concept has worked almost a year for improving the KPI company. Also I want to note the managers’ work and all the team who are always in touch on any issue and at any time of the day. Thanks for the work!

Bolshakova E.A Head of the marketing department

..."DanonBel” has been collaborating with the Advertising Agency “Aida Pioneer branding & creative company” since 2018 on the Prostokvashino and Danone Greek brands.

During this time, our requests changed, various projects appeared, and your friendly professional team always helped. Our team always felt supporting from the agency and accounts in particular. If non-toxic working situations appeared, then employees always tried to solve them in the most successful way for us.

We want to express separate gratitude to the account managers, but that they are always in touch...

A. Sokolik Marketing manager

… the advertising campaign “Our worry , not the Raccoon” developed and implemented by the agency has shown great effectiveness and is an example of a successful social advertising company. We highly appreciate the advertising products of the agency for social companies “Tetris. Play by the rules”, “Earn respect”... 

A. Grintsevich Director

... the agency's competence included creating a creative concept, compiling a media mix, placing on TV and in outdoor street advertising. We express great gratitude and full satisfaction from the result. A team of professionals accurately defined the "selling" characteristic and formalized it into a general idea. We express our gratitude to the team of Hades Pioneer for what was achieved and done in a really high quality…

… We began work in 2017 with AIDA Pioneer. Now our company is still continuing cooperation. The AIDA’s team during this time so immersed into our project that they became the part of our team. They approach each task deeply, thoughtfully and offer such interesting creative concepts that you want to try every option. Moreover, we want to note these are not just creative solutions, these are really working options, as indicated by our numerous studies after each advertising campaign...
T. Batseka Deputy Marketing Director
… thanks to the agency, Minsk Dynamo entered the season with a new creative strategy and an amazing image video. Thank you to Aida Pioneer branding & creative company for fulfilling your commitments, creative and responsible approach to solving each problem. The cooperation allowed our club representing Belarus in the CHL to enter the market with a systematic vision of marketing matches...
A. Vasiliev Deputy General Director for Marketing and Commercial Affairs
… the fact that the art project “Traces” conducted as part of the advertising company “It's convenient to be with yourself” was noted in several nominations at the LAMA advertising festival - gold for PR, bronze for promotional activity and a special jury prize for tailor-made decision, suggests that advertising industry experts highly appreciate the activities of Aida Pioneer…
S. Kusonsky Area manager Conte Lingerie

...Onega has been cooperating with the Advertising Agency since December 2018. The general impression of the agency's work can be expressed briefly: professionalism, an integrated approach to solving tasks, the ability to accurately and timely fulfill the obligations undertaken, and creative approach to any order. The Agency team who are able at the right time to understand a situation of any complexity in the shortest possible time...

O.Kozyrevich Head of Marketing and Advertising Department

I confirm the highest quality of services elaborated by the agency to solve challenges and meet clients’ expectations. Particular attention should be given to creative potential, ability to generate ideas and incarnate vision into efficient design and communication solutions.

Julia Novichenok Communication Analyst, United Nations Population Fund

...the ease of communication, the team dynamism, and the full understanding - that's the things for which we're grateful to the agency...


...You always focus deeply on the client needs, offer a comprehensive solution of the most challenging tasks and the implementation thereof at the highest professional level - this means the penetration into the structure of the client's DNA, no less. I'm glad You're not afraid to give your professional opinion on the current issues...


We want to thank AIDA Pioneer for working together and for their thoughtful, in-depth approach. AIDA’s team really know their work perfectly, and this is the rare case when words match actions. Separately, we would like to note the ability of the agency to work in conditions of force majeure and short deadlines. The company successfully coped with all the difficulties and proved that it can assigned the most responsible projects”.

Volkovets S. Marketing director

...have solved all the tasks efficiently within short time frames...

MARKELL recommends AIDA Pioneer as a reliable partner in solving tasks. Professionalism and creative approach of the company employees, their attention to the tasks, a high level of service and innovative technologies are the key to creating a successful and high-quality product.
Deputy Director on management

«... AIDA Pioneer has demonstrated all developments at a high level and immediately gave feedback at every stage of the rebranding while working on projects…»

The work of our organization has certain specifics due to its international character, but the company was not afraid to search for solution for our concrete problem, offered interesting, creative ideas for its implementation. Our cooperation is built on mutual understanding thanks to professional competence, openness and friendliness of the agency`s staff. UNHCR hopes to continue cooperation with Aida Pioneer Group in the future.
Jean-Yves Bouchardy UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Belarus

«…Our cooperation was accompanied by well-coordinated and effective work of the team, individual approach and the highest level of customer focus allowed us to get the most out of the tasks…»


.... AIDA Pioneer branding&creative agency supported Belkanton Group for more than 10 years. AIDA Pioneer is our constant partner in carrying out various PR-actions and events, presenting professional consultations and non-standard decisions, showing an individual approach to the client...


"... We consider that all the projects implemented with "AIDA Pioneer Group" LLC are successful and we can recommend this agency as a partner with confidence...


... The company is able to surprise with a creative approach and the ability to skillfully analyze the market...


...we thank AIDA Pioneer for their teamwork and thoughtful and in-depth approach to business. Your employees really know their job "perfectly" and this’s a rare case when the campaign fulfills its obligations

..A huge amount of teamwork included the development of a product portfolio strategy, brand platform, logo tagline, package redesign, strategic planning. Individually we would like to note the immersion of Aida Pioneer’s employees in the work on every project, operational coordination and planning, as well as qualitative feedback...
Olga Kozyrevich Head of Marketing Department

...thank You for professional work irrespective of the tight deadlines. AIDA Pioneer has proven itself as an agency which appreciates a client and fulfills its obligations...

Kapitanova Ylija

Kapitanova Ylija

Commercial Director

room 1, office 13, 4th floor, 7g Kozlova lane, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 220037

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