Artesian water naming and labelling

The company "LASTONA-PLUS" has been producing drinking and mineralized water and other soft drinks since 2002.

It was important to convey that this is crystal clear natural water with a unique balanced composition. The water is produced from an artesian well 290m deep and is gently treated with the help of modern technologies of filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. At the same time all necessary and useful for the human body microelements and natural structure are preserved.

We focused on the name "Arktida" because it evokes many pleasant associations: purity, ice, icebergs, polar bears, silence and calmness. We took into account the associative range and tried to match its mood and the landscape in the head when creating the label design. So the basis was crystal white. Against the background of the snowy canvas the ice mountains grew up, among which a bear walks.

The name on the label has a bright contrasting color - red, letters embrace silver lines. The same silver has a signature on the bottom. The block is summed up with a dark blue stripe, which highlights the characteristic of water: carbonated and non-carbonated.

The result is a label that tells about the product not only through words but also through the image. The name is perfectly complemented by a drawing and is memorable at the association level. We managed to convey the mood of the brand and distinguish it from the competitors.

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