The task was to update the design of the Danone Greek Style yogurt line: to make it more relevant, the food zone more appetizing and the elements of Greek identity retained only in the logo.

The concept is based on white color and thin lines. In this way we reflected the essence of the product: natural, light and healthy yogurt made with modern technology. Simplicity and minimalism allowed us to create a fresh design that meets all current trends and objectives of the client.

We also increased the area of the food zone, createed hyper-realistic "tasty" illustrations which became a key element of the concept. Through the illustrations we have added bright colors to the design as well as underlined the naturalness of the ingredients.

The Greek Style logo was also affected by the changes. Since we abandoned the ornament in the design it was important to reflect the origin of the product only through the logo. We reinforced the characteristic Greek font but made it more modern and easy to understand. The decision to enlarge and center the logo made it possible to achieve the desired "Greek mood" without burdening the design with unnecessary elements.

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