Fermented milk beverage rebranding

Exponenta is a unique fermented milk drink with a high content of whey protein which is produced at the Goretsky Food Mill.

 The project involved searching for insides and metaphors, analyzing and segmentation of consumers and refining brand positioning and platform. Packaging design was also created.

 The product is recommended by the manufacturer as a quick-quenching healthy snack for calorie watching office workers.

 The previous design of the products resembled yogurt but embarrassed consumers at a higher price. And the inscription on the increased protein content didn’t justify it for customers. But people who are passionate about sports are well aware of the benefits of whey protein and therefore immediately appreciated the product. Whey protein contained in Exponenta is a complete and well-balanced amino acid building material for all tissues and organs of the human body. It helps to get the body in shape and build the desired muscle definition.

 One of the results of analytical work with the brand was understanding of the need to change the packaging of the product. What was required was a visual solution that could explain that this is a brand new functional dairy product in a category, show its advantages and unique characteristics, as well as separate the perception of the brand from the yogurt category.

 We rethought the logo and created a new sign - the letter "∑", stylized as "sum". The sign symbolizes another consumer who has joined a healthy lifestyle. The packaging concept was tested in focus groups so it is safe to say that the design of the brand was chosen by the consumer.

 The design became more concise and recognizable. The new packaging corresponds to the popular trend of "essentialism". All functional advantages of the brand are reflected on the front side. Explanatory text and clear icons are placed on the backside of the glass.

To support the rebranding of the brand a commercial was shot and a comprehensive ad campaign conducted.

The result is multiple increases in loyal audiences, sales growth, and positive feedback from consumers.


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