Cafe rebranding

GARAGE - a chain of quick casual cafes in Minsk. The facility's features are a real car or a motorcycle in the cafe, a full menu, take-out and delivery.

The task was: to carry out a complex rebranding to create the basis for a strong brand, ready to develop through the franchise.

In the first stage was conducted to identify "problem" points. The most significant of them are: conceptual and communication fragmentation, lack of understanding of the format and concept of the institution within the team and the guest, "limping service" due to the lack of structured processes and specifics of the business model (hall-delivery-delivery), outdated logo and the lack of a single identic.

The analysis of the competitive environment made it possible to form a real picture of the market to estimate potential opportunities and perspective positioning territories. As part of the audience study we conducted qualitative research with the help of which we managed to segment guests and form a portrait of a conceptual consumer.

The key strategy was the evolution from a place "to eat quickly and cheaply" to a place "to have a pleasant time and communicate".

To accomplish this task the team had to make several important decisions: the evolution of the quick casual format into a unique "City Cafe" with an emphasis on pleasant unobtrusive service a special atmosphere and a versatile and diverse and nourishing cuisine; concentration on creating an atmosphere in the hall rather than on delivery, "taking out" and lunch menus; the use of coffee as one of the product drivers; readiness to reformat all necessary internal processes per the new brand strategy.

One of the results of the work was the formation of the brand positioning: GARAGE is a point at the crossroads of urban residents, where they meet to share their stories for great food at affordable prices. The values were also defined: communication, novelty, freedom, openness, positive, right to make mistakes. The essence of the brand was expressed in a concise, capacious tagline: «Stories begin here».

The metaphor of the brand was a point. On a life path on the way from home to work and from work to home. On a busy crossroads where positive people meet where they share interesting stories where kitchens from all over the world mix. Nearby social and business centers where you can stop for coffee or lunch and even chat in a relaxed atmosphere where you can order excellent food with delivery.

To visualize the new positioning the decision was made to move to the Latin version of the name in the identic. Also a food coffee descriptor was introduced - a succinct, concise, focusing on the main drivers. The next step was to create the logo and the concept of the new GARAGE identity.

The atmosphere is largely created by the decor. By the new positioning our partner CONCEPTDESIGNGROUP has made a new concept with unique architectural and design solutions.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the GARAGE team has found its way they never stop for a moment. Over the past year the company has introduced a huge number of changes: new technology and as a consequence, a new menu improved standards of service, logistics and other business processes, coffee unique roasting, began a phased introduction of identity, opened the first cafe franchise in Gomel.



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