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The project was developed jointly with the consulting company IPS (Germany) for J.J. Darboven Gmbh & Co (Germany).

Our task was to develop a brand of coffee mainly for the Eastern European and CIS markets. First of all we had to find a niche in the competitive market and form a unique positioning of the future brand. We conducted a series of studies on consumer insides and preferences in this category. The key conclusions that formed the basis of the brand platform were the following: "The country of production is important to the consumer. He believes that German coffee is much better than Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian coffee". "The free territory of positioning in the coffee segment is the mood". The country of origin has become the basic rational differentiator of the brand and the emotional one is the great mood that the product gives to the consumer.

Office workers were defined as the core of the target audience. Regardless of life priorities (family, entertainment, etc.), their working day is mainly spent in the office - here they communicate, receive information, work, experience, evaluate others and what happens around them. The future brand had to become a part of this life, choosing "number one" for this category. It had to become something other than the already familiar Jacobs and Nescafe not just to promise the consumer "flavor, energy and morning", but to become a symbol of optimism, good mood and positive attitude towards life.

Gutt - an ideal name within the framework of the task - is a derivative of the well-known German word "gut" (good). Gutt isn’t only a positive and approval but it is also an assessment of the quality of the product. The name was offered by the client in a strategic session and after successful testing in focus groups it was chosen as the name of the future brand.

The visual image of the brand also had to solve two tasks: to reflect the German character and the positioning territory. We made a laconic package in a strict style - no additional "clogging" details - just the logo, tagline and name of the product. Our goal was to create an image that would correspond to the generally accepted perception of "German restraint, rigor, and minimalism". At the same time it was necessary to find a unique color-identifier. Red, green, and blue were already occupied by competitors. After a thorough analysis of the competitive environment we settled on orange the symbol of great mood and positive. A successful color solution for this segment allowed the brand to stand out on the shelf and attract consumers' attention.

Gutt coffee is successfully sold in the CIS and Eastern European countries. In addition to ground coffee the product line is represented by soluble coffee in several types of packaging. In many regions Gutt holds leading positions in its segment.

Gutt. Das ist gut!


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