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The brand platform, positioning, name, logo and corporate identity concept were created.

The task was to offer the concept of the restaurant in the first stage. The only introductory part from the client: "We want to feed our visitors tasty, nourishing and inexpensively".

We did a lot of work to study the world and Russian experience in this segment: we analyzed the types and formats of establishments, identified trends, determined the most attractive dishes. We offered the client to focus on pork dishes and give up other types of meat. And the idea was to introduce "culinary masterpieces" in the menu in addition to the usual dishes. The brand's promise: "We know everything about pork and we cook it the way you've never tasted it. The unusual format allowed to form a clear differentiation of the brand and stand out in a competitive environment.

Then it was necessary to create the idea and find an interesting verbal solution. There are many restaurants of the national cuisine of different countries on the market: Italian, French, American and German. But there has never been a restaurant of Hungarian cuisine in Russia. Why Hungary? Pork is the traditional and most popular meat in this country. It's not the most popular tourist country so it's especially interesting and valuable to try the colorful Hungarian cuisine without going abroad. The name of the brand should have been interesting in sound and attract attention, reflect the country and must be in English. And we found such a name - Hungry Hungarian ("hungry Hungarian") - a subtle game of words, matching the positioning and great prospects for the development of ideas in the visual style.

The key graphic element of the brand is the piggy which tries to escape from the "hungry visitors". The logo and corporate identity are made in Kraft style with the use of illustration solutions. The visual concept create the idea: "Catch me if you are really hungry".

The project has been the winner and medalist of several international ad festivals.

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