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Mediacube is a group of companies, HTP resident, an official partner network of YouTube in Belarus. The company, which combines the clarity and consistency of "IT" with creativity for implementation the professional projects.

The company's clients are bloggers, among others. Today it is a huge team of creators, who are generating content all over the world with a total number of views of more than 2 500 000 000 per month. Mediacube helps these people to promote and monetize their creativity as if giving them a superpower.

Our task was to develop an original and universal identity that will be able to unite this community even more and to attract new bloggers. The idea of superpower, given by the brand, formed the basis of the new brand indentity.

The key element of the identity is a multilayer form of contours. This form is associated with the aura of extraordinary objects and people, as well as with a powerful impulse, which comes during the application of superpower. Such an impulse spreads over long distances with maximum coverage. Through this solution, the important task of creators is played out - to convey their content to a wide audience. The visual metaphor of strengthening is used in different cases, and the number of contours is limited by the form, specificity of the media and designer’s imagination. It follows that the developed identity is universal and can vary an infinite number of times.

Developing the identity, we used an authentic approach to the work with photos and motion graphics, which formed the appearance of social networks and set a special, modern and bright image of the brand in the digital space.

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