Pastry brand

The task was to develop a brand of confectionery from scratch, specializing in chocolate products from Belgium.

 The project developed the brand strategy (positioning, brand platform), name, the visual image of the brand.

 Women who follow themselves and like to pamper themselves with expensive purchases were chosen as the core of the target audience. Despite being busy they find the time and opportunity to give themselves little joys.

 Based on the collected consumer insight we have formulated the positioning of the pastry shop: "a European chocolate boutique where you feel special". The brand is based on values such as pleasure and uniqueness. We have also developed a format for the institution - Chocolate House - formed from the sustainable expression of the fashion house, meaning the place where expensive trendy clothes are created and sold immediately. This format gives the brand a premium and European flair as well as emphasizing the quality of the product.

 The positioning and philosophy of the brand are also reflected in the name - PARAMI. In Spanish, para mí means "for me". And what a more pleasant gift you can make for such a loved and important person in your life - yourself, as a not refined, very tasty chocolate dessert. Chocolate is the perfect couple for any girl, because even a piece of chocolate melting in her mouth gives an intimate moment of pleasure that belongs only to her.

 The basis of the brand's visual identity is its logo. It evokes associations with slowly pouring hot chocolate. Brand style helps the visitor to feel special on the threshold of the boutique and feel the atmosphere of pleasure and light selfishness. Rich but restrained tones are used as well as the taste of real premium chocolate which creates a cozy atmosphere of a small party every time you visit.

 Parami. For me!


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