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Ren' is a popular Belarusian brand of seeds and nuts, which occupied its niche on the market long ago. Despite its recognition, the brand has faced negative dynamics of market share and consumer loyalty. Lack of the communication for 5 years led to the fact that the consumer simply forgot the brand and chose other brands.

The agency's task was to form a new brand platform to differentiate the brand on the market, to elaborate on the product strategy that will provide quality introductory for fresh creative solutions.

We have reviewed consumption situations and expanded the target audience, including conservatives. For people, the “clacking” of seeds or nuts is a meditative process that relieves the tension and anxiety. The territory of nirvana, relaxation, rest and favorite habits became the basis of the new brand platform.

After the results of several focus groups it was decided that the changes should affect not only the communication strategy but also the entire product portfolio. There was a restructuring in three stages.

1.    Peanuts with different tastes appeared in the portfolio.

2.    Pistachios, which is the product of a more expensive segment, also were added.

3.    Pumpkin seeds were added to the already familiar classic, salty and white ones.

All the new products had to fit into the already existing design while maintaining their recognizability and continuity. At the same time, it was important to highlight the products, to differentiate them from each other and make a small emphasis on the novelty.

The main role in these transformations was played by color solutions. Each product acquired its unique bright color, which distinguished it not only among the portfolio but also on the food shelves. For example, the main color of pistachio packaging was black, emphasizing the fact that product is premium, and pumpkin seeds stood out with an abstract illustration, reminiscent of a popular product.

We changed the composition - we unfolded the logo by 90 degrees, increasing its scale, and kept the delicious illustrations of the product. The other elements were slightly changed, but those changes were qualitative. 
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