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JSC "Security Technologies" is a holding company established to ensure the safety of enterprises of the State Corporation "Rostech".

Many types of research were conducted to form a hypothesis of the company's positioning, a brand platform, name, logo and visual identity system were developed.

 Our task was to create a brand that not only corresponds to the current leadership position of the company on a national scale but will also become a symbol of Russia in the world in the segment of integrated security.

The first stage of our work was a mix of various studies (in-depth interviews, desk research) which examined and analyzed: the competitive environment, the product, market barriers, segmentation of global and national players, identification of potentially interesting territories for the brand and the formation of positioning hypotheses.

A brand platform was created. It’s identity, tone, nature, principles and tonality of communication were determined. Clear criteria for the name and identity of the future brand were formulated. Also an important result of this stage was the development of the brand architecture for the holding company - the principles of interaction, roles were spelled out, the schemes of naming, visual identification and future development were defined.

The key requirements for the name were: a reflection of Russian origin and sphere of activity, scale, identity in transliteration.

Brand positioning - "technologies on security guard". The name - SIBER/SIBER (Systems of Innovative Security of Russia) - solves all the tasks set for it: it reflects the company's Russian origin (Siberia is the symbol of Russia), emphasizes a strong proactive position and is consistent with values and positioning. SIBER is a Russian international high-tech company in the global security market, capable of applying comprehensive measures, including preventive measures to neutralize risks and eliminate threats. Key values: comprehensiveness and innovativeness - providing a full range of security services using the most advanced smart technologies.

Brandmark - a stylized, three-dimensional technology shield symbolizing comprehensive protection against any threat. Visual style demonstrates strength, discipline, and commitment to the future. The colors of the brand are black, white and silver.

SIBER - technologies on the security guard!

The brand was presented to the public at an event specially organized by us. Guests were representatives of the government, management of the State Corporation "Rostek", Russian and foreign partners. One of the program elements was a video about the new brand.

The result of our work was highly appreciated by the client, the management of Rostech as well as the company's partners. Today SIBER isn’t only a national leader but also a symbol of Russia in the international market.




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