Polished corn sticks brand

OJSC Lidapischekoncentraty is the largest producer of concentrates of first and second lunch dishes, seasonings and spices, kissels, jelly and dry breakfasts in Belarus.

As part of the project we have developed the name, logo and design concept of the packaging as well as worked on adapting the concept to different tastes.

The client has sent us a rather interesting task - to develop a brand for an unusual new product - glazed corn sticks. This product is packed in a smaller bag (80 g) and is a more convenient snack. The colorful glazing makes the sticks brighter and more attractive.

Children of preschool and primary school age were identified as the core of the target audience. The form of the product defined the territory of emotional positioning of the brand - "the first children's love". Warm feelings, sweet emotions, carefree and gentle children's relationships had to be reflected in the name and visual image of the brand. Our specialists defined the directions of search and highlighted the main models of word formation, relevant for this project. The shortlist of 10 names was formed. Testing revealed several leaders and the final brand name was determined together with the client.

"Tili-Tili" is a simple name partly borrowed from the children's "teaser" - "tile-tile dough...". It is easy to remember meets the interests of Central Asia and also entails a whole plume of good, colorful associations related to childhood, entertainment and carefree.

The next stage of the work was to develop the concept of packaging design. The analysis and elaboration of dozens of cases in this segment allowed us to form the basic requirements of the visual image: simplicity, graphics, use of modern original illustrations, moderate muffled brightness of colors and obligatory "air presence" on the package. A concept was developed by the principals. It’s based on the original illustration style which is supplemented by matte packaging material. The central object is a stylized for different tastes balloon-heart, on which two characters of the brand - a boy and a girl - fly and have a great time. The logo is placed at the bottom of the package on a bright and contrasting die. The tutu also contains mischievous doubles revealing the funny relationship of the characters.

The brand turned out to be very emotional and will certainly find its consumer.



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