The client - farm "Vladimir Plus" is engaged in cultivation and wholesale of apples of various term of ripening.

The task: to offer a simple, bright name and branding style.

We stopped at the name "Yuzhanovo". The name from the native places of the brand. The redesigned name of the street "Yuzhakovo" in the city near which there is an orchard. According to years of research the orchards of the farm are located in one of the warmest places in Belarus. Yuzhanovo is a city of gardens. Where trees are warmed by the sun and blown by warm winds. Here all the fruits are sunny and every year they are productive!

Light and pleasant in pronunciation of Yuzhanovo perfectly suits the company's activity simple associative line is clear to the buyer: South - Sun - Ripe fruit - Delicious fruit.

Brand style is made in the same warm, sunny manner. The logo shows a cute hedgehog in a laconic style. The character symbolizes the myth from childhood that hedgehogs carry apples and leaves on needles.

The selected bright shades support the tone of communication. We have combined the color of the sun, green and juicy apples. The typography uses capital letters with small serifs without sharp angles - this is how we emphasized the professionalism of the company combined with a soulful approach to work.

The result: the image of the company has been formed, brand recognition has increased.
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