100 years BELSTAT

Anniversary ads campaign

Our team developed the campaign for the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the 100th anniversary of the state statistics bodies of Belarus.

Agency task

 Developing a creative concept and show the role of statistics in society, help popularize it as the most important information resource.

Let’s give numbers a voice!

 The work of the bodies of state statistics is important and useful for the development of society and the management of the country. The collection of statistical information enables the identification of existing problems, the identification of strengths, the monitoring of development trends and effective planning. About 1,700 employees work on this in the state statistics bodies, as if translators in the world of numbers: they analyze and systematize data so that this information is available and understandable.

We prepared a video and a series of visuals, where we showed on simple and understandable examples: there are many interesting stories behind the numbers. Now, passing by limitless fields, just think that in Belarus the 5th part of the world's flax crops grows. Or traveling to our towns, you will definitely find at least 1 attraction of 5355 objects of historical and cultural property.

And in fact, the numbers are hidden in everything that surrounds us, and they can tell about a lot, the main thing is to notice and hear them. They lead to noisy towns and cities and quiet villages, shine with water smoothness and make noise in the fields, in their voice the wisdom of the ages and the desire for development. All these stories you can hear thanks to statistics that give numbers a voice.


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