Hiv prevention social project

The project was implemented jointly with the UNICEF Children's Fund (UN) and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Our task was to develop and implement a communication campaign to demonstrate the importance of HIV testing in an accessible and visible manner.

The core of the target audience is young people aged 16 to 30 living in Belarus and actively using the Internet.

There is a theory that all people are connected by correspondence through 5 common contacts. We decided to test it and experiment. Within 5 weeks 5 participants had to deliver 5 unusual letters to random addresses. According to the conditions of the experiment the letter was transferred only from hand to hand through acquaintances and friends. In the end the addressees received a letter that informed them that HIV could be transmitted in the same way as these envelopes - unexpectedly and from a person whom they didn’t even know personally! The experiment demonstrated that each of us regardless of age, profession and social status, has the potential to come into contact with HIV. This is why it is so important to be tested on time and to have information about the five simple steps of HIV prevention.

To convey the main message of the campaign to the widest possible target audience, various online and offline communication channels were used: commercials, outdoor advertising, printed materials, PR, website, banners. In this case the media budget of the action was 0 rubles.

During the experiment 5 video reports on the transmission of letters from Minsk to 5 regional cities of Belarus which were aired on the rating talk show "18 +" on the channel BelMuz-TV. For 5 weeks the hosts were discussing live the experiment with 5 invited Belarusian celebrities: Vladimir Pugach, Olga Plotnikova, Pavel Syroezhkin, Uncle Vanya, and Sasha Nemo.

All video materials, topical articles, and an interactive map were placed on the promotional site of the action www.5shagov.by. You can find the nearest point for HIV testing or simply mark your location by declaring your involvement in the action.

The campaign was supported by the country's leading information resources and was widely covered on various online and offline platforms. Invited celebrities also posted information about their participation in the "5 steps" campaign on their pages in social networks and blogs. The official partners of the project were: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, radio station "Novoe Radio", information portal Telegraf.by, medical portal Gippokrat.by and youth multimedia project "Euroradio".

At the final stage of the action more than 5000 thousand letters with information about the project were sent to random postal addresses all over the country.

Our experiment aroused great interest and was widely covered in the media the non-standard approach to the problem was highly appreciated by UNICEF representatives and, we managed to increase the number of HIV tests taken.



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