Blaaaaack Friday

Acoola is a popular brand of fashion clothing and accessories for children from 3 to 14 years old. The network of branded stores has more than 200 outlets in Russia and neighboring countries.

The new advertising campaign needed to solve several problems at once: 1 - to convey the offer of Black Friday - a 40% discount on everything, including sales, 2 - to attract traffic to stores, 3 - to promote the brand image as part of the current positioning "Recommended by children": Acoola - cool from the point of view of children!

Black Friday at Acoola - the loudest fashion event!

In the Tik Tok era, a short fashion clip instead of a thousand words, so we decided to show Black Friday in a stylish musical format. The incendiary track will optimally convey emotions, unite adults and children, and, most importantly, make the message viral and memorable.

The Black Friday offer at Acoola is so profitable that it is difficult to restrain surprise, and we recorded our DJ sample video with a rhythmically repetitive refrain: Black?! Black! ... BLACK FRIDAY!

Sticky sound - sticky video sequence. The video resembles the style of dance Tik Tok videos with viral potential. The main characters are dancing children in stylish and fashionable images from Acoola, as well as mother, approvingly picking up the leitmotif.

We used the brightest and most juicy shades of the brand: blue, magenta, green. However, a rich video sequence turned out not only in color, but also thanks to dynamically changing frames that "play" among themselves. Different plots copy and complement each other. So, the lightning movement in one frame causes the hero to jump in another, and the same object can change the appearance, moving into a parallel frame.

Here she is a simple formula for a viral video: a dance track, a bright dynamic video sequence, happy children and a variety of fashion images from Acoola.


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