Ad campaign for washing powder

SONCA (SUN) is the largest private producer of household chemicals and cosmetics.

 Our task was to develop an ad campaign for April washing powder in retail outlets. We needed to tell the consumer about the functional advantage of the product: "Even the most hard-to-remove stains are perfectly cleaned".

 Solution: the creative concept was based on the idea of clearly demonstrating the result of using the powder. We chose the wobbler as a communication tool - it was placed on shelves with various products in the supermarket's sales area: ketchup, wine, tomato juice, chocolate, etc. It is these products that usually leave the most hard-to-remove stains on clothes.

 The wobbler was stylized to washing machine with a round window through which the products could be seen on the shelf. The campaign tagline is, "April can do it!"

Communication was implemented in a large republican grocery network.

We managed to find an inexpensive and effective way to contact the consumer and successfully solve the problem. The project has won several international ad festivals.

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