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"Babruiski Brovar" is a Belarusian company that unites local beer brands: Bobrov, Rechitsa, Zhigulyovskoye and Khatni kvass.

The task was to inform the consumers that "Bobrov" has changed - not only in taste and quality but also in communication. It was important for us to make "Bobrov" more fashionable, relevant to TA. "Bobrov" is a beer for young, active, modern people. They follow the trends, want to keep up with the news everywhere. So we decided to talk to the young people in their language.

We made a series of short 9-second commercials. The main (and only) subject in the frame is a beer can. Each video has different visual effects that interact with beer. The clips are accompanied by the shortest messages on the actual slang. A stylish bit complements the video. The clips are completed by the effect of splitting beer cans and bottles. We managed to tell you about the new positioning of the beer in a short time and to show 2 types of packaging of the drink succinctly.

The positive effect didn't take long to wait. We managed to tell effectively about the new "Bobrov" to the consumer.



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