Energy drink promotional campaign

The energy drink DYNAMI:T is produced by JSC "Lida Beer" - one of the oldest breweries in Belarus, part of the international concern Olvi. This ad campaign became one of the most memorable events of the ad season 2015.

The task was: to "make a quantitative breakthrough" in sales of the product as well as to change the perception of the brand and adjust the target audience. We needed to draw attention to the brand and form the loyalty of young, fashionable trendsetters who would become the speakers of the brand. In addition to the already existing position of the brand leader in terms of sales, it was important to become a leader in terms of perception in the energy segment.

The first stage was to change the bottle shape and label design as well as to expand the line with a new product - DYNAMI:T GREEN. The brand became more aggressive, fashionable, brighter, and more confident after restyling.

The next stage is to develop a communication strategy. Taking into account the audience, the Internet and PR have become key channels. The full media mix included TV, Outdoor, Trade, cinemas.

To accomplish the tasks required a non-standard, bright, provocative idea with accurate insight. To increase the effectiveness of communication we chose Andrei Bond and Artem Rybakin - well-known Internet freaks and popular media characters in the youth environment.

A sip of DYNAMI:T - energy with instant effect - helps to look at the world in a new way. And to show the DYNAMI:T effect in its entirety you need to take slow shots - it has such a fast effect. It's this technique that's the campaign's trick. The central communication tool was the commercial which from the first day of the broadcast drew the attention not only of the target audience but also of government regulators. While Internet viewings of the commercial grew exponentially, consumers actively discussed and shared it on social networks, the Ministry of Commerce decided to remove the commercial with the wording: "Does not meet the standards of morality and ethics," after two weeks of rental. This fact was effectively used in PR-strategy. As a result the total number of views of the video on the Internet was more than 400 000 and sales of the product exceeded the planned figures several times. At the moment DYNAMI:T is the market leader in Belarus.

DYNAMI:T is the instant effect!

Here you can see all DYNAMI:T commercials.


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