The campaign was developed and implemented for the Goal99 initiative with the support of the Government agency the Secondary Material Resources Operator.

On the project were developed: the creative concept of the ad campaign, video script, design of printed materials, activation for consumer engagement.

The initiative "Target99" is designed to create a culture of separate waste collection among the residents of Belarus. The task was to draw attention to the widest possible TA, to demonstrate waste sorting algorithms and to form a positive image of organizations engaged in waste disposal.

We have changed the serious tone of communication into a fan one and chose the nicest experts in garbage cases - raccoons as the main campaign characters.  The fluffy stars of YouTube have dropped out of their emergency classes to put on a spectacular show and show people how to properly sort waste. To reach the audience we had to master new musical instruments during the production process. And when making a video we had to combine real-life shooting with animation.

Campaign tagline: «Separate waste collection is our concern, not a raccoon!»

Hashtag: #нашазаботаанеенота

Communication channels: TV, Outdoor, metro, and cinema ad, YouTube.

We have managed to create effective virtual communication one of the most significant events in the ad sector in early 2017. The total number of views of the video for the first month was more than 500 thousand and the number of publications exceeded 150. The project involved thousands of consumers in the discussion and initiated many important activities.

The results:

- it collected 9% more basic types of secondary material resources than in 2016.

- the number of appeals from residents to target99.by on various issues of household waste recycling increased 2 times compared to the previous year. The number of applications from residents for the installation of containers for separate collection of waste paper, glass, and plastic in the yards has increased.

- Free placement of the video with raccoons on monitors in public places in Minsk, Grodno, Mogilev; on monitors in public transport in Minsk; as social advertising on TV ("Belarus 1", "Belarus 2", "Belarus 4", RTR-Belarus, MTRC "MIR", NTV-Belarus, VTV, Muz-TV).

- During 2017 the number of subscribers of "Goal 99" communities in social networks increased: FB - almost 3 times; VK - by 40%.


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