Ad campaign for protein shake

Exponenta is a unique fermented milk drink with a high content of whey protein. It’s produced in the Goretsky Food Factory.

Within the project, we developed brand platform and positioning, defined the category for the product and made an ad campaign.

By the beginning of our cooperation, this product, which has no analogs in Europe and CIS, was already present on the market for about a year, but the lack of clear communication and, most importantly, the absence of clear positioning did not allow it to reach its potential and demonstrate the planned sales volumes. The consumer simply did not understand the specifics of the product.

Our main task was to explain to consumers the advantages of Exponenta. At the first stage, we segregated the target audience, determined the consumption situations and formulated the key functional and emotional characteristics of the brand. We also defined a category for this product - protein shake. This allowed us to separate the product from classic yogurt, to add to it the properties of a functional protein shake and at the same time be the only brand in the new category for the market.

The target audience – city residents 25-40 years old, following an active lifestyle. They are focused on a healthy lifestyle, educated enough to understand the need to consume a balanced healthy diet with the optimal amount of calories. However, due to lack of time or simply due to their inattention, they often sacrifice healthy eating habits in favor of easier and faster ways to eat.

In this case, we considered the most effective way to communicate clearly - to show the stories of two consumers and the place of Exponenta in their everyday life. An ideal healthy

snack, a mandatory component of the diet, additional opportunities for sports - all this is Exponenta. With this product, it is easy to be in shape!

As part of a developed communication strategy, channels and principles of communication were defined. The main ones were: TV, Outdoor, POSm, Internet, PR, Promo.

The result of communication exceeded all expectations - a multiple increase in sales, the active involvement of consumers in communication, the rapid formation of a large loyal audience.

Exponenta - be in shape!

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