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FRUDS is a natural fruit snack without sugar with flax fiber and food fibers or, simply put, smartfood smoothie.

FRUDS = FOOD, but that's only half the truth. In addition to interesting tastes, we are offered a modern approach to life. FRUDS = SMART: it is convenient to take with you even in the smallest bag, you can not waste time cooking, just take several packages for the whole day and do not think about the refrigerator. Say no to crumbs and noise - just snack right in the car, in the office or during a work call.

The audience of our product is as diverse as possible, but at the same time FRUDS will suit many. And those who consciously approach nutrition issues, and those who simply like tasty snacks. Forever busy people who have everything on the run, and those who will not give up their break to eternal deeds. Novelty lovers and trend hunters and simply those who love a smart approach to life. FRUDS will literally adjust to any rhythm and will become an indispensable solution.

We were faced with the task of developing a creative concept of an advertising campaign for the introduction of the new FRUDS, brand from Oasis to the Belarusian market. Development materials: slogan, key visual, video script.

In the modern world, a wide variety of smart products. We were inspired by the presentations of new-fashioned devices and realized: FRUDS is also SMART. Yeah, not a phone, but FOOD. But these are conventions.

WELCOM! FRUDS. New in the world SMART

Technological history found its continuation in the video. You were not mistaken if you remembered the presentation of the flagship smartphone - a dynamic cut with a sharp change of frames, a stylish track, large credits, an electronic voice in voice acting and, of course, a lot of big plans so as not to miss a single detail. "User" immediately gets acquainted with all the chips of FRUDS: sophisticated design, flexible case, tasty and useful filling. And most importantly, it's convenient wherever you are. In the office, on a walk, in training, in the car - wherever you want.


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