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J. Hardy - a new brand of natural hard lemonades from «Bobruisk Brovar», which offers bright and refreshing flavors on a beer basis with the addition of lemon juices and cherries.

We were tasked with launching a new product on the market. And make it bright, loud, spectacular. We were not frightened by a small budget and even a contentedly sophisticated audience. BUT it was necessary to bypass a large number of competitors and a bunch of restrictions in advertising alcohol.

And we found a way to legally promote on YouTube and other social networks - to create a blogger-artist with the same name as a product. A few months of work on her image, legend, content... and the debut video "Hard Juicy" captured a belnet. Bypassing the usual communication channels, we headed right to the heart of the audience - to their playlists.


J.HARDY all on party,

J.HARDY will capture you

Hard juicy afterparty

Having fun at sunset


The track was promoted across all the "canons" of the industry - release, Yandex.Music, VKontakte music, public figures, lyric videos, publications on kyky and citydog. And all this is before the start of sales of the drink.

When the track sat tightly in everyone's heads - it was time for the product. After actively promoting the artist in the wake of high knowledge about him, we began a classic advertising campaign on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and places of sale. All materials for digital were developed on the basis of the artist's content: KV, banners, videos. Without showing a person, we used an already worked out emotional image, knowledge of him, loyalty.

Recognizable style from J. HARDY Queen to J. HARDY Lemonade: the artist's image has become equal to the brand's image, and vice versa. J. HARDY is freedom, recklessness, self-expression, movement. The style of J. HARDY is charged with city, street, graffiti, parties and two thousandths, only even brighter, sharper and juicier!

We have got the toughest and juiciest advertising campaign of an alcoholic drink on the Belarusian market.

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