"SOSEDI" is a retail chain with a long history. Today each point offers unique products - own brands. To develop the name, logo and packaging for one of them was assigned to our team.

The first stage of work on the project was the choice of the name and development of the logo. We stopped at the word that sounds in an Italian manner. "Alvado" is ringing and easy to pronounce. The capital letter of the name formed the basis of the logo indicating the championship and leadership qualities. We chose laconic leatherette. Clear straight lines indicate purposefulness and directness. The incomplete horizontal stripe symbolizes development and movement. A simple stylish logo and no unnecessary elements underline the status and quality.

The accentuated logobook, available in black and white is on all packages. The background for the labels is a photorealistic image of the product. We chose appetizing frames and picturesque sketches of landscapes to draw attention to the product. The product is surrounded by a white dot with product information. The laconic design with bright accents makes it easy to identify the product on the shelf.

The result is a single product line. The packages attract attention and stand out from the competition. The logo reflects the brand's mood and company status.
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