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"Lidskoye Classic" is classic lager with light bitterness in "Lidskoye Beer" line. "Lidskoye Beer “is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus and one of the three largest national breweries.

The product was a little bit changed in 2015: the recipe was improved and the label was updated. The new product was made in accordance with the "brewing purity rules". That means that nothing but malt, hops and water are allowed in the composition of beer.

 Our task was to create and make an ad campaign to inform the consumer about the changes in the product, thereby ensuring not only an increase in loyalty of existing consumers but also the flow of new audience.

 The consumer of "Classic" is a man of 30-40 years old, following traditional family lifestyle.

 Solution: the creative decision was based on the idea that compliance with the rules guarantees excellent results not only in complex things but also in everyday little things that are close to the target audience and understood by them. The campaign tagline clearly reflects the essence of the product - "Nothing extra".

 The following communication channels were used in the ad campaign: TV, Outdoor, POSm, Internet.

 Stories from life, juicy "tasty" pictures and excellent implementation allowed us to create really effective communication.

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