Ребрендинг и рекламная кампания косметики

Rebranding and cosmetics campaign

MARKELL cosmetics has been present in the Belarusian market for over 25 years and is also present in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. The assortment of cosmetic products for facial hair and body care has 150 SKUs.

The task was to differentiate the brand in the market, to define the most advantageous territory of positioning and to develop brand strategy. Also to create and implement an image campaign that will inform customers about brand changes and increase brand recognition.

The first step was to create a brand platform. The basic territory of positioning is efficiency. How do you understand that cosmetics work?

External and internal changes are noted by friends, relatives, colleagues at work. This is the best proof of an effective product.

This is how we came to the Effective Beauty Solutions descriptor. It speaks about quality: the work of technologists in two laboratories where product developed, quality control and production from quality raw materials and artesian water. These are also trend-setting solutions in packaging design. A descriptor and a comprehensive approach: the division of products into several lines according to customer needs.

The position "Talking on equal terms" was adopted on the image campaign . We gave up the classic approach in cosmetics shootings and showed real feelings and emotions through ordinary people.

There were 5 simple girls with different interests and lifestyles. In the video each heroine is told by their surroundings: friends, girlfriends, relatives, and other people who admire their beauty and self-sufficiency.

We collected the girls' stories from interviews. All that's said about them in the video is their honest stories. We didn't have to come up with the perfect ad image. We turned to real life and real people.

The main message of communication was: you don't have to be famous to get your eyes fixed. After all there are a lot of girls around who pay attention to themselves every day seem bright and visible.

The idea is read in the tagline: «A noticeable result is you!».

For each ambassador fixed certain lines of care products corresponding to their age and rhythm of life. 5 heroines appeared on ad visuals with hashtag #historyMarkell. Girls meet visitors on the updated website and social networks. The ad campaign combines offline and online activities.





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