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Mastercard has launched an instant money transfer service via Viber in Belarus. The service allows messenger users to easily send money to each other directly from the chat, without revealing their card number.

The priority tasks of the agency were the development of naming and logo. At the same time, it was necessary to come up with a creative concept for promoting a new service, understandable to a wide audience (18-60).

It was important for us to create a comfort zone for users, so the function has a simple and clear name explaining its essence - Money transfers, and the same simple logo in which the main task of the tool is shown using two looped arrows. Subsequently, this helped to easily integrate the service into the application and consolidate the perception as if it were one of the buttons in the messenger - now transferring money is as simple as sending a message or attaching a sticker.

You can not trust the new functions for a long time, but as soon as there is a decent reason - it becomes simple to master them. In communication, we relied on the emotional insights of the audience and the joyful reasons for money transfers, so we did not propose specific situations: after all, the reason is not as important as what it is. So, the slogan appeared - "There would be a reson, and the money will be transferred to Viber!" So, we managed to explain the essence of the new function "Money Transfers" and integrate it into everyday life.

The main promotion was implemented in the messenger using internal tools: Post Call & TimeOut, Calls Tab, Main Chat Screen.

To support basic communication, Money Transfers has a mascot - Sendlaika. Fluffy white Samoyed laika is designed to become a faithful friend for users, who will lead through all the difficulties of getting acquainted with the new service and help deal with any issue. To do this, we connected it to an existing chat booth, where in its manner it gives clues for further action.

And, of course, this whole story was supplemented with stickers: friendly and cheerful Sendlaika will find suitable words for any situation regarding the money issue and not only. The logo of "Money Transfers" was integrated into the design - a medallion on the Sendlaika’s collar, as well as Mastercard and Viber branded colors.

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