Ad campaign for jewelry store

We implemented the project for the largest chain of jewelry stores "Monomakh".

 Our task was to develop and make an ad campaign in honor of the 15th anniversary of the chain. As part of the jubilee celebration, the store gave numerous gifts to the customers. We had to tell brightly and noticeably about the anniversary and also attract customers to the stores.

 Solution: we developed the optimal media split: outdoor ad, radio, Internet banners and store design.

 The creative concept of "Jubilee Season" was based on the idea of using the theatrical seasons’ metaphor. Jewelry has much in common with theatrical art: beauty, presentable, noble origin and close relationship with eternal, timeless values. The period of the campaign was autumn and that’s the time for openings of the season in many theatres. That’s why the 15th anniversary of the Monomakh jewelry chain was presented in the magic and high genre of theatrical jubilee season. The premiere is a kind of promise, an invitation to the enticing world of beauty and mystery.

 The ad campaign became not only one of the brightest in the history of the brand but also the one that effectively achieved the targets.

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