Ad campaign for a web portal

This project was implemented for one of the most popular information and entertainment resources in Belarus -

 The task was to develop creative concept of the offline ad campaign of catalogue by using outdoor as the main media channel.

 The target audience of the project was divided into two segments - loyal visitors of the catalogue and unfamiliar users who prefer the standard way of shopping - offline. We had to demonstrate the ease of use, rich choice and guaranteed result when searching for the necessary product. We have worked through many consumer insights and formed several campaign concepts. After discussing all the options with the client, the winning idea was determined. The winning idea was graphic and laconic visualization of various products, segmented by category. The key communication message of the campaign was "choose the best on".

 Thus, a series of visuals were created, on each of which goods were presented as graphic pattern. The unusual presentation of objects, the purity of the image and the minimalistic approach allowed us to create bright, visible and eye-catching billboards.

 During the campaign there was a significant increase in visitors of the catalogue, the client evaluated the campaign as highly effective.

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