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We implemented this project for the company "Caravan" which is the largest distributor of tea and coffee in Belarus. PAPA café de Colombia is a sublimated Colombian coffee from 100% Colombian Arabica. It’s produced in one of the largest factories in the world, which is also the only factory in Colombia, using the "freeze-dried" technology - fast freezing in a vacuum, which allows to savor the taste and aroma of ground coffee.

 The start of product sales in the CIS had to be supported by an ad campaign.

 Our task was to develop a creative concept and produce an ad video.

 Solution: the key differentiator of the brand is the Colombian origin of the product. Coffee in this country is lifestyle and one of the most important symbols. According to our survey the best quality and tasty coffee is Colombian coffee. That's why we decided to use geography as a key driver in communication. Colombia is known for its two riches - drug trafficking and coffee. Many films show quite stereotypically the stories of dangerous Colombian mafia. We decided to use the same technique. Our protagonist, the real Papa, is brutal, he appreciates the taste of great coffee. Humor in communication has allowed us to get away from our competitors and pay attention to ourselves. The Spanish language of the video with duplicate translation complimented the authentic perception and emphasized the origin of the product.

The ad campaign was welcomed by the consumer and allowed the brand to exceed sales volume.

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