Residential ad campaign

PIRS is a suburban residential complex near the Minsk Sea. The complex features multi-format housing, closed "club" territory, a new format of housing and developing infrastructure.

The task was to create a big idea of the ad campaign of the PIRS residential complex. It was necessary to tell potential buyers that when buying an apartment in this residential complex they acquire not only walls, floor and ceiling but a new format of life, atmosphere and emotions.

It was the unique atmosphere of the residential complex that became the basis of the idea of communication. PIRS is a quiet island away from the city bustle, noise and worries with forest and sea, with a leisurely rhythm of life and suburban modern lifestyle in premium eco style. It is a place that has no analogs in the market. Communication is built on emotional images and atmospheric visuals, through which we create a feeling of comfort and coziness, unity with nature and a high standard of living.

A series of visuals have been created for basic communication each of which calls for different ways to enjoy nature and feel a special atmosphere of freedom and unity.

The campaign tagline is "In your nature".

The idea was created in digital, radio, printing and PR.

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