Ad campaign for washing powder

We implemented the project for the company "SONCA" (“SUN”) which is the largest private producer of household chemicals and cosmetics.

 The task was to strengthen brand awareness, increase consumer loyalty and highlight the product on the shelf.

 Solution: clean cloth is a positive thing. But when our favorite things get dirty, our mood gets worse. That's why we offered the Mara brand to ensure their customers against such troubles and invented an unusual advertising media - a positive clothespin.

 Why a positive clothespin? Because it's a useful thing that can be used for its intended purpose. It's also convenient for clamping an open package of washing powder. Also, in Belarusian, the word "pryshchepka" (clothespin) has a different meaning - vaccination against the disease.

 In large hypermarkets, we organized a promotional campaign. Promoters attached colorful wooden clothespins, branded with the logo "Mara" and positive inscriptions in the Belarusian language: "Pryshchapka ad sumu! Pryshchapka ad drennaga nastroyu! Pryshchapka ad brudu!" (Clothespin from sadness! Clothespin from a bad mood! Clothespin from dirt!)   to the customers’ clothes. People who received such an original and functional gift and "inoculated with a positive attitude" in most cases left the clothespins for themselves to use in the future, or "inoculated" their friend or even strangers, sharing with them a good mood.

We also used our branded clothespins as an unusual POS-material, attaching them to all “Mara” products in the hypermarket sales areas.

 The campaign aroused interest and positive emotions of customers, and the brand received a long-term inexpensive ad media

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