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"Promsvyazbank is one of the leading Russian private banks and one of the 500 largest banks in the world.

Our cooperation began in 2011 with the development of product ad campaign in which we proposed the client to use the image of a boomerang in the logo and to build its internal and external communication by the principle of "All the good returns." This positioning has been implemented and actively used for 4 years.

 The task for the next year was the following: to develop the creative concept for ad campaign to promote consumer deposits and loans.

 The solution: taking into account the position and status of the bank we decided to use celebrities in communication. As a result, Konstantin Khabensky and popular TV host Dmitry Krylov became the faces of the campaign. We developed the unique scripts for both of them taking into account their life principles, specific features of the profession and nature. At the same time both of the videos reflected the philosophy of "All the good returns". Our team also performed the full range of video and photo production works.

The key task that was successfully completed wasn't only to increase sales through a profitable offer but also to attract the most valuable customers with a good credit history and payment discipline.

Promsvyazbank – all the good returns!

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