Relaxed ads campaign for redd’s

Redd's is a juicy apple-flavored beer made specially for girls. Not cider, not classic beer - only a delicate apple taste in a stylish bottle.

Agency task

Create a product campaign to present new Redd’s.


2020 year was difficult. There were enough problems. We didn’t have opportunity to relax, breathe out and devote time to ourselves.

So came the idea of ​ a relaxing evening with juicy apple Redd's. Leave all your worries, relax and rest. We all deserve it. Everything will be tomorrow, #todayRedds.

The heart of digital communication was the landing page, which was hosted by targeted ads on social networks, Yandex and MyTarget and OLV on Youtube. On the landing, you could get acquainted with the product and take a funny-useful Redd's test. Choosing his level of tension, the user received a unique recommendation for rest and a cool playlist in addition.

During the campaign, more than 45,000 people entered the Redd's test page. More than 40% of those tested indicated their level of tiridness as maximum, and 20% of them were even ready to make a deal with the devil for sleeping day.

For greater coverage and involvement, we attracted influencers who need rest, too. Especially for bloggers, we created 4 kinds of relaxing Redd's boxes:

-         the evening in apple SPA;

-         the cozy evening with a blanket;

-         the apple party;

-         the evening of boards games for a company.

Influencers not only "unpacked" the boxes, introducing the audience to the new Redd's, but also organized the draws of "boxes" among their subscribers. Each blogger used the mechanics most suitable for his audience.

The bloggers campaign started at the end of December, but even at this busy time it was not lost in the New Year's fuss. The total actual coverage on Instagram is 2,620,939 users. More than 10,432 people participated in the draws of Redd's boxes. We hope that we managed to set people up for relaxation, and most still arranged a juicy evening of apple nothing with Redd's:)

Our team created and implemented a concept of an advertising campaign, including a key visual, the creation of a promotional site, playlists and interaction with bloggers.

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