AV.BY is the biggest adds website for car sales announcements in Belarus.

After three successful stages of promotion the companies came to us again to create bright non-standard ad. The BIG Idea of communication was to increase brand recognition and strengthen the image of the market leader. The video should have paid attention to itself. Get the audience to look all the way and then review more and more.

The BIG Idea of communication was: "Turn the car into money". So the basis was a metaphorical representation of the process of selling a car. A person takes a picture of his car, moving it from a real object to a digital one - pixel. In the next stage effectively turns bytes and pixels into money.

We created an allusion to the good old packman to visualize all stages of the deal through a clear and memorable character. Only in our case we are talking about a combination of the image of the previous ad campaign of the brand "head-blink" and a famous computer character.

The main communication tool is video. A short video shows the appearance of our hero from digital reality - a recognizable brand portal. The stylistic solution was a realistic story based on various computer games. We gave up straightforward eight-bit graphics to emphasize the portal's technology and relevance. Special attention was paid to music creation and sound design.
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