"Santa Bremor is one of the largest producers of high-quality food products in Eastern Europe. Creamy ice cream with various fillers - TOP is widely known in the market.

After creating the brand platform for the TOP we started an ad campaign. We had to develop a positioning-based communication strategy and reflect the potential for communication development through media channels.

The main communication message was a demonstration of a simple scheme: eat TOP ice cream - cheer up. The tagline of the creative concept is "Mood up".

In a series of video clips the tagline was reflected through the demonstration of a clear metaphor. The main characters tasted a delicacy and the mood flew up from the pleasure of TOP with different fillings. The actors traveled in a world of taste soaring with large ingredients on a juicy background, which lapsed with an updated package of ice cream.

The new positioning and mood of the brand were conveyed in the redesign of the package. First of all the logo has been changed. All letters of the name have become the same size and have found rounded forms. The Rainbow-shaped brand area also approached the circle. The logo block is located in the center of the package and took about 50% of the front side.

The package received juicy colors that match the taste of ice cream. The name and taste of the product in white contrast with the bright background colors. Appetizing food zone added naturalness. Large drawings of the main component are placed throughout the packaging area. By varying the shape, size and rotation angles of the ingredients, the impression of flying is created. The concept is supported by the tagline "Mood up", which playfully placed above the bar code. All this allows easy identification of the ice cream TOP and differentiation from other manufacturers.

In the framework of the project, a brand platform was developed. A creative concept of an ad campaign was created. POS-materials and a redesign of the label were created. A production video was produced and media placement was offered.


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