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 Joint campaign of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Agency task

 It was the important part to inform older people about mandatory protective measures and rules of conduct during the pandemic.

Parents, save yourselves!

 In 2020, the world was shocked by the pandemic COVID-19, people aged 60 + were at risk and especially vulnerable to the virus. By building communication, we directly addressed adults on behalf of their relatives. After all, it is no secret parents are used to putting the desires and needs of their children higher than their own. And we called for protective measures. If you can’t do it for yourselfs, do it for the sake of people who are very worried about you.

Communications show 7 situations, each of its contains recommendations for the elderly. You can find the answers to the next questions in ads materials: how to go outside and return home, how to be in the same room as a sick person, how to take care of the health of the house, how to communicate with relatives and friends, how to wash your hands correctly. All answers were collected in campaign information materials (videos and flyers) and were accompanied by simple illustrations. The project turned out to be completely graphic and made in a single style. Such a format only contributes to the easy perception of information, and does not distract attention from the key message.

Following the proposed measures to prevent coronavirus infection, you can minimize the possible risks of infection. So it was so important to convey this information to an adult audience with a simple request from children to your parents - "Please take care! For our sake. "


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