Social campaign against domestic violence

The client of this project was the "City Clinical Child Psychiatric Dispensary" that operates the hotline for victims of domestic violence.

Children who experienced domestic violence don't know how to act in this situation.

Our task was to explain to the child in the most accessible form possible about the ways and possibilities of solving the problem of child domestic violence.

 Solution: we found the ideal solution - the school narrative. The teacher reads the text several times and then asks the children to retell it in writing. It means that the child needs not only to remember the story but also to rethink it to retell it later. We wrote a text about the robot Pitty from the planet Sitauris. On his example, we were able to tell the story of how to fight domestic violence. Pitty also became a visual representation of the campaign.

 We were able to hold such narratives in quite a number of schools. The administration and teachers understood the problem and were very helpful. The mechanic was as follows: at the beginning of the lesson, the teacher told to the children that today they would had to write the narrative. Then the teacher read the text several times, after which the pupils had to retell it. They wrote the story on specially prepared sheets of paper depicting a Pitty robot. The teacher did not evaluate this work. Each child received a key chain with a hotline number as a gift. Also they were asked to take their narratives home and show it to their parents.

 The children were interested in the story of Pitty - they asked questions and shared it with their parents. Some class leaders organized a class hour and a parents' meeting dedicated to the problem of domestic violence.

 Thus, in an accessible form, we told the child about the ways to solve the problem of abuse. The narrative format allowed us to get a deep emotional immersion into the question.

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