Come true! New year ads campaign

AIDA Pioneer Group developed a New Year's campaign for WINE&SPIRITS and treasured desires will come true!


 WINE&SPIRITS is a chain of alcoholic beverage stores. In addition to the excellent choice of alcohol in WINE&SPIRITS, you can buy tasty food, beautiful dishes and chat with wonderful cavists. There is everything for a festive mood.

Agency task

 WINE&SPIRITS becomes the main place for buying alcohol for the New Year holidays.


 It is no secret Belarusian advertising has difficult relations with alcohol. You can't advertise a bottle, drinks, you can't... But we thought and found a great solution.

 Big Idea

 The New Year is the time to make wishes. This option of the holiday was the most popular for Belarusian people.

We remembered a tradition that promises you dreams come true. You need to write cherished words on paper, burn it and drink it with a drink. Don't say you never did that!

Everything came together in our idea: cherished desire, necessary attributes and the inability to show an alcoholic drink. Wishes will come true only if you go to WINE&SPIRITS.

The New Year's campaign unfolded offline and online: billboards, radio videos, banner advertising, influencers were connected for greater coverage and involvement.


Bloggers received WINE&SPIRITS gift boxes with a set for guaranteed fulfillment of their desires: a sparkling drink, a glass and a "fire" set of light-burning paper, pens and matches.

Influencers unpacked their boxes, telling the idea of ​ the campaign, and also distributed sets for fulfilling their wishes to their subscribers.

The results exceeded expectations: the sales plan was exceeded, traffic and the number of buyers increased significantly, as well as the average check. Jin! The client's desire came true! And ours will come true, too!

Our team created and implemented a creative idea of ​the campaign, the production of a key visual and radio, the idea of ​ interacting with influencers.



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