A large manufacturer of smartphones and other electrical equipment Xiaomi contacted us. The client had no experience working with Belarusian agencies. The task is to develop a 360° ad campaign for the new smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 that will attract not only attention but also a real hype.

The task was non-standard. The product has two key advantages almost identical to the main communication: the lowest price for the flagship level on the market and unique in this category of smartphones shock resistance. In order to differentiate Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 from its competitors we decided to focus on impact resistance as the main advantage and respond to the insight of TA about the fragility of smartphones. As a result we develop creative concept. The main message of which - Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 take a punch! The tagline of the company “Take a punch” has several meanings at once: protection from damage and strong position of Xiaomi in the highly competitive market of budget smartphones.

We launched a campaign based on bright visuals and emotions without bothering the audience with technical information. The key visuals moved away from patterns and told an easily readable story about the indestructibility of the smartphone.

The first stage was: to inform and empathize the audience, pay attention. We wanted to create an info guide and a unique situation in Belarus – the queue on the first day of sales. We had to attract the attention of a wide audience to do this and told about discounts and gifts at the start of sales.

In the course of a large-scale PR-campaign involved outdoor advertising, Internet banners and OLV in digital, videos on TV, radio, announcements and native advertising in online media. We wanted to surprise the audience: in the video we showed smartphone crash-tests with nuts, keys and heels, and bloggers tested the phone and the fantasy of their followers (the phone even ran over by a car!). Only the most technologically advanced Xiaomi products and the brightest impressions were on the presentation.

Results: on the sales day the queue started to gather at 6 am, and by the opening of the store there were over 400 customers. Such a huge boom became a powerful basis for post-PR through selectivity and Internet media, and smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - the most discussed technological innovation.
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