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YUKKI is the largest brand of Santa Bremor in the ice cream category, which unites the most popular classic ice cream varieties. And these varieties made according to traditional recipes with natural cream. When working on a new advertising campaign, it was important to support the key communication message of the brand: "YUKKI is the ice cream for everyone who appreciates the present."

The present is... A time when you were lucky to be born. Favorite places, melodies and holidays. Unforgettable memories that I want to share with my loved ones. Views and beliefs, a manifestation of character. Family, friends, love and dreams. The feeling of happiness that appeared from nowhere, just so... from your favorite ice cream taste.

The present is multifaceted and for everyone its own. And YUKKI is an integral part. Close friends, genuine feelings, sincere words and genuine emotions. Always real ice cream, which gives pleasure without deception, sincere emotions from childhood. YUKKI is yours, real.

We managed to tell several touching mini-stories of absolutely different people and in each of them convey the value of the present moment, life here and now. We "caught" the heroes in their daily life: behind our favorite business, next to loved ones, in our thoughts... And these are always moments of sincere joy, living emotions, serenity and pacification.

The main principles in the work on the artwork of the video were naturalness and sincerity. The props of each scene fully reflected the character's nature and supplemented the main story. And the product was organically present in the frame and the heroes naturally interacted with it.

As part of the advertising campaign, the video is broadcast on TV and in digital, inviting the viewer to pause, feel the moment and not miss something really important.

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